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WEDDINGS Celebrating RAIMOND and LOTTE, Romantic, Luscious and Fun! c",)

An intimate, traditional Catholic ceremony complete with endless love held a huge appeal for RAIMOND and LOTTE. I have to leave it to this gorgeous couple to pull off the most beautiful day imaginable. If there’s one thing that I admire about this duo, it is their pragmatic approach to their wedding without sacrificing style.

The warm and cozy vibe of Raffles Makati complement the mood of the fete–romantic, luscious and fun. Nuestra Señora de Gracia exudes a vintage and rustic ambiance. When it comes to choosing their wedding suppliers, RAIMOND and LOTTE didn’t have a hard time at all. This couple knows exactly what they want and they literally went for it. LOTTE bought her wedding gown outside the country. AHMazing, isn’t it? They also have a grasp of the event industry. Thus, preparing for their big day did not impose any difficulty on their part. Everything was light. The fact that they have the support of their family and close friends made the journey twice as pleasurable. The end result, everything transpired according to their plan.

Everything boils down to following your heart in planning for your wedding. Remember, you don’t need to please anyone. Know what it is that you want, and do not allow anyone to modify the picture you have in mind. It’s the basic, when you follow your heart, you will end up happy.

Romantic, Luscious and Fun..

Celebrating RAIMOND and LOTTE! c”,)



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