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Celebrating KARL & VEM, Grandiose, Quintessential, Resplendent! c”,)

Have you ever seen a film that made you feel heavy and light at the same time? The kind that made you pause and think of the scenes after watching it? I am actually referring to the lawful union of KARL and VEM. Leave it to these intellectual sweethearts to create a wedding that has a character and personality.

When I say huge, it is huge. True that San Agustin Church was filled with guests during the wedding ceremony and it rarely happens in a wedding. For the reception, KARL and VEM reserved the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Ballrooms of Sofitel Philippine Plaza to accommodate their family and friends. This special day, after all marks a significant milestone in their life as a couple.

Grandiose. Quintessential. Resplendent. Is there any other word to describe a wedding that is close to perfection? The minute I stepped on the ground of Sofitel Hotel, there was this nerve-racking feeling, butterflies in my stomach. I was excited to see how KARL and VEM were doing. VEM looks cool and happy..the joy is undeniably seen on her eyes. KARL appears confident on his suit. Contentment was written all over his face. Then I proceed to the reception area. Whew, I was so overwhelmed. The entire hallway is exclusive for KARL and VEM’s wedding. As I peek inside the ballroom, the presentation and table arrangement was much more than I imagined it would be. It looks so elegant…so pristine. The work of the stylist was commendable.

What transpired in the ceremony was magical. Marching towards the altar may be the most momentous walk for our Bride. She is about to enter a new facet in her life, and right in the middle of everything, VEM was able to pause–really pause to take a glance at her parents. I’ve seen the love and gratitude in her eyes. KARL was all eyes on his Bride. There is an air of pride and love as he watch VEM approaching the altar.

On to the reception. The first big treat of the wedding program was the grand entrance of the entourage to the venue. They were able to catch the attention of all the guests with their creative dance moves.This was followed by the first dance of the couple. KARL and VEM whirl and twirl in the dance floor, to the delight of their spectators. Clearly there were no dull moments the entire night. In fact, majority of the guests lingered after the wedding program. The efforts of KARL and VEM, together with their families has paid off. When the wedding came into conclusion, the parents gave an inspirational message to the newly wed. I would say that KARL and VEM were raised quite well by their parents, cause look where it brought them.

Grandiose. Quintessential. Resplendent.
Celebrating KARL and VEM! c”,)

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